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FTDX1200 Buffer Amplifier for SDR Panadaptors

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It really would have been nice if Yaesu had included an IF output on the FTDX1200, or FT-817 but somehow that feature missed the cut. This is also a great solution for the Kenwood TS-440S and many other older radios that do not have a native first I.F. output jack.
Installs with just a couple of connections and then run the buffered output signal to the rear panel with the RF connector of your choice. This handy little buffer board is barely the size of a quarter, and has .100 spaced solder holes for DC and I.F. input, plus solder pads oriented for stripped RG-174 size coax. It even has a thoughtful pair of tie-ready holes to prevent cable movement.  The installation PDF is specific to the Yaesu FTDX-1200 and FT-817, but if you know your IF tap point, and a 9 to 12V DC source in your radio, it is compatible with nearly any radio. The required connections for the FTDX-1200 are on the top of the board, and easy to access, but consider your soldering skill level before attempting installation for your radio. Free shipping to USA. International customers are welcome.