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RCD CasaRain

IF Buffer for Drake R-4A R-4B, Heathkit, others...

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An SDR is a useful addition to older gear.  In addition to providing a useful spectrum display, you can receive modes such as FM by listening to your SDR audio, or use your SDR to provide dual receive capability for split operation, etc. Designed primarily for Heathkit and Drake tube receivers and transceivers our buffer provides proper output to your external SDR while providing proper isolation for the Hi-Z receiver stage. Hi-Z input, and dual supply terminals. One for ground returned 12VAC typical of older gear and a jumper setting to bypass the half-wave rectifier and supply the onboard 9 volt DC regulator directly from up to 18 volts DC.  Ships free to the USA via first class parcel. International shipping via USPS International Parcel. International shipping cost calculated at checkout.