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AM Transmit Adaptor for Kenwood Hybrid Transceivers

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Do you wish your Kenwood hybrid transceiver could transmit on AM?  Now it can.  The Kenwood hybrid HF transceivers are some of the finest examples of commercial Amateur radio HF equipment.  AM is a relaxed mode, with some of the best and most technically knowledgeable radio amateurs you are likely to meet. It is possible to make any Kenwood hybrid unit transmit AM by adding a modulator to a low level RF stage. Indeed Kenwood did exactly this in the T-599 transmitter (essentially the transmitter half of the TS-520S) and also the non US Market TS-830S. Our board brings AM Transmit capability to the TS-520, TS-520S, TS-820S, TS-530S, and TS-830S. Just tune your rig up for maximum power, per the manual, and then our board, when activated, will drop the CW power output to apx 25 watts (adjustable via a pot on the board) and allow the transmitter to modulate up to 100 watts PEP. The board is fully assembled. Installation is straight forward for those used to doing minor modifications to ham equipment. Normal operation is not effected when the board is switched off. A link to the PDF installation guide will be included. Note: this will not allow AM reception, unless you wish to simply zero beat the carrier in SSB mode. AM reception can be with an other receiver, and SDR dongle tied to the IF, or even a shortwave AM radio connected to the IF and set to the IF output frequency. Ten meters is getting lively again. Enjoy some AM on 29 Mhz today!